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How to Activate Your Amex Card via

If you have been looking forward to confirming and activating your Amex card, you have reached the right place. Here you will learn how to confirm as well as activate the Amex card via the online method using the official website of Calling the hotline number of American Express in another method through which one can confirm and activate the Amex card.

The official website of American Express can be accessed directly through the link,

Here is a walkthrough on how to login to Confirm and Activate the American Express credit card. guide to the Confirmation of the AMEX Card

Upon receiving the AMEX Cards, users need to visit the American Express’s official site,, to activate their Amex card.

American Express cards can be instantaneously accessed by the customers through the online pathway if they have the below-mentioned details. 

  • The 15-digit activation code is necessary to confirm and activate the American Express card online.
  • For additional security reasons, the 4 primary security code on the card is also required.
  • For a registered American Express member, following the above-mentioned process can directly take them to the login page.
  • New cardmembers will have to first register on the American Express website to gain access.

However, there are a few criteria that need to be fulfilled to proceed with the Amex Card Confirmation and activation, and they are mentioned below:- 

Rules to confirm the American Express Card |

  • One has to be a legal inhabitant of the United States.
  • One needs to have the app for the American Express card.
  • One must be aged 18 years and above.
  • One must not have any financial cases registered under their name.
  • The credit score for the American Express card must be extremely high or spotless.
  • The last seven years should not reflect any financial failures.

Requirements to Confirm the American Express Card

  • Availability of a reliable internet connection via a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Card Member’s Full name and Phone number along with the Card Member’s Mother’s Middle Name.
  • Card Member’s Complete Residential address with Zip Code
  • Card Member’s Date of Birth
  • Security Code available on the Card Member’s Card (4 Digits)
  • In case one already has a registered account with American Express, the existing Username and Password will suffice. 
  • First-time applicants will require an email address to register.
  • The American Express Credit Card’s 15 Digits number

If the above-mentioned rules and regulations are being satisfied, then:-

Here are the steps one needs to follow to activate the American Express credit card online

  • Visit the AMEX Confirm card page on the site 
  • Type in the 15-digit American Express card number along with the 4-digit card id at the designated space on the website.
  • Then hit “Confirm.”
  • User will now be taken to the account login page of the American Express.
  • Existing American Express account holders on can use their existing username and password.
  • If one isn’t an existing account holder, proceed towards creating an account.
  • Upon completion of the above-mentioned steps, the AMEX card will be successfully confirmed via

Here are the steps one needs to follow to activate the American Express credit card over a phone call

One must ensure that the call is being made from the registered mobile number. If so, then proceed with the steps mentioned below to Confirm the AMEX Card.

  • Use the registered mobile number to call 1-800-362-6033.
  • Listen to the instructions provided and follow it thoroughly to successfully complete the Confirmation process.
  • Choose your favored/preferred language.
  • Choose the option for Card Confirmation.
  • Enter the Card Details along with the personal details and a few other details.
  • Upon completion of the above-mentioned process successfully, the AMEX card will be confirmed activated.

The Contact Details:-

  • The number to dial for the Amex Credit Card Activation is 1-800-362-6033
  • The link to the Amex Card Official URL for Activation is
  • To call the Customer Service toll-Free Number, dial 1-800-954-0559 (US), 1-801-449-4019 (Outside the US)

One can choose either of the options to confirm and activate the card.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of owning an American Express Card?

  • Card Members can access their account points at any time from anywhere.
  • Accessibility of the credit scores 24*7
  • Account are accessible on the go via the mobile
  • Downloading the American Express/Confirm Card application makes it even better.
  • Card Members can earn points by riding an Uber or by renting a car, booking a flight or hotels, buying gas, etc.
  • The earned points can also be directly used off the card while purchasing something.
  • Based on the fee on the Amex Card, one will receive additional benefits.
  • An American Express card member has the option of coupon exchange, multiple rewards along with cashback, and loads of other offers available.
  • Paying a bill can become hassle-free with the American Express/confirm card, which also allows the cardmember to book tickets for the railway, airline, bus, movies, etc.
  •  An American Express card allows the cardmember to redeem the card’s benefits at any point in case of any emergencies.
  • Card Members can use the card wherever cards are accepted without any discrimination.

About American Express

The American Express Company, which is also known as Amex, was founded by Henry Wells, William Fargo, and John Warren Butterfield in 1850 on the 18th of March. This American multinational financial services corporation has its head office located at 200 Vesey Street in New York City and is widely known for its business in dealing with credit cards, charge cards, and traveler’s cheque along with various other services.

Phone Number for the
  • For Credit cards, dial 1-800-528-4800 (Available 24*7)
  • For a Cash advance, dial 1-800-227-4669 (Available 24*7)
  • For the AMEX Gift Card, dial 1-877-297-4438 (Opens at 8 am and stays open till midnight ET, daily)
  • To apply over a phone call, dial 1-800-243-3888 (From 6 am to 2 am ET, daily)
  • For Bill payment, dial 1-800-472-9297 (Available 24*7)
  • For Prepaid AMEX cards, dial 1-866-207-7970 (Available 24*7)

American Express Postal Address 

The American Express Customer Relations

02-040404315 S 2700

Salt Lake City




The above article has detailed information about activating and confirming an Amex Card via the online and phone options. 

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